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Posted on: June 27, 2008 10:18 am

Expansion Draft League Group Hiring Again

So for this simulated expansion team we are looking for a manager of the team who's job will be to set the starting lineup based on the players drafted, by myself , the GM and the scouting director.  They will also indicated when to make substitutions.  This could be a really fun post for those who know baseball strategy.  An added bonus is that the manager can choose who they want to be on their coaching staff from members of the message boards and delegate responsibility to those people.  I am also opening up two positions that are more for fun creativity than anything baseball realted, but are needed for the day to day survival of a team.  I will need an In-season Promotions Manager, and a Choreographer.  Basically the In-Season Promotions Manager get to come up with give-aways and special nights and whatnot.  It's a chance to be creative and have a little fun.  The Choreographer gets to choose the music that the team comes out to and the mascot and events that will occur during the game.  If any body is interested in any of these three posts, reply to this post by July 2nd.  If there are multiple posts for a position one will be chosen if nobody does, then it'll be first-come first serve after July 2nd.
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